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For the first time, the Metallicar and all the boys of Supernatural ride together in one exclusive box set!

This limited-edition exclusive features the iconic black 1967 Chevy Impala Sport Sedan, one of the stars of theSupernatural TV series, which is now entering its 12th season. This 1:18 scale metal die-cast vehicle from Greenlight Toys also comes with highly detailed figures of Sam and Dean Winchester as well as exclusive figures of Castiel and Crowley that are only available in this special edition boxed set, limited to 500 pieces worldwide. And this exclusive Metallicar comes adorned with variant Kansas "Angel" and "Demon" license plates in honor of the Winchester brothers’ two best buddies.

For a limited time, we'll include two Supernatural T-shirts (they can be different sizes so you can get one for you and one for a friend), a $50 value, free with your purchase! Be sure to pick the sizes of your shirts when you check out! And we're throwing in a 1:64 scale SDCC exclusive mini Metallicar as a special gift!


NOTE: No coupon or discount codes or Club CQ discounts can be used for this item.

Condition: New
Price: $175.00