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Buffy/Angel Gem of Amara Prop Replica

The Holy Grail of all Vampiredom, this artifact granted the vampire wearer added strength and complete invulnerability to all their usual weaknesses. For instance, if the vampire was staked (which would traditionally 'kill' the vampire), the wound would close and they would not get dusted. Also, when the gem is worn, the vampire has the ability to be outside during daytime, without harm from the sun's rays..

The Gem was sought by Spike in season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike uses it to power his attack on Buffy but loses the ring to the Slayer. . Buffy sends the ring to Angel via Oz. Spike follows Oz to LA where he attempts to regain custody of the ring. Angel triumphs and uses the ring temporarily, but finally decides it is too dangerous and destroys it.

Condition: New
Price: $175.00