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Buffy Connections Inkworks Sealed Trading Card Box

This set captures the love and hate, (and sometimes both!) relationships of your favorite characters.


This 72-card series (guaranteed full 72-card set in every box)  is printed on premium 20-pt holographic foil board, with each card etched and image enhanced with a special coating for ultimate gloss and premium feel.  

 This product is loaded with random bonus cards to satisfy every Buffy fan:

  • 72-card Parallel Set (Appx 1:1 pack). 

  • 9-card foil puzzle “SLAYER’S CIRCLE” features Buffy and all her friends and fiends. (Appx. 1:11 packs).

  • 6-card “HEARTBREAKS”  features the ultimate heartbreaks (Appx. 1:14 packs). 

  • PIECEWORKS™ CARDS - 3 different dual costume cards: Xander/Anya, Willow/Tara, Buffy/Spike.  Each card will contain two costume pieces - one from each character as they appeared together on-screen (Appx. 1 per box).

  • PLUS – 3 box loaders (1 per box) 

Condition: New
Price: $99.99