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An incredible collection of enamel pins from our Charmed: Box of Shadows licensed subscription box, along with two exclusive convention badge ribbons (to make you feel like you're on the show floor), packed in a cute logo'd Charmed bag! There's also an exclusive red "I Am a Charmed One" enamel pin that was not in any of our subscription boxes. The pins in this special collection include:

  • "Queen of the Underworld" - a tribute to Phoebe Halliwell's time as the Dark Queen
  • "The Spot" - For one brief neon shining moment, P3 became The Spot. This glow-in-the-dark pin captures it's neon pink logo and a name change that, thankfully, only lasted until the end of one episode.
  • "Buckland Auction House" - Show that you know where to get your antiques appraised - and where Prue Halliwell worked - by wearing this exclusive enamel pin, emblazoned with a gold logo against a white background.
  • "Cursed Painting" Light-Up Pin - An amazing fun wearable tribute to “The Painted World” episode of Charmed.k When turned on, the pin lights up, beckoning Prue to look in one of the windows.
Price: $50.00