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The NBC TV show Grimm is a hit, and we're proud to offer new items based on characters and stories from the show! Grimm is a cop drama with a dark fairy-tale twist, taking Detective Nick Burkhardt into a reality he never knew existed. Once he discovers this new world and his role in it, he has to deal with much more than the usual criminals and investigations. With his partner Hank and ally Monroe (who is also a magical creature called a Blutbad), Nick delves into cases involving bees, bats, bears, and more! We're starting our line with a smattering of products, including awesome replicas of the Grimm Key and Coin of Zakynthos as sculpted, wearable pins. We will continue to offer more Grimm products, including busts, journals, and playing cards. Stay tuned . . .

Condition: New
Price: $12.99