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Membership Club


We invite you to join our new reward program - Club CQ - to get special discounts, entry to private sales and contests and access to exclusives we'll be offering as part of our new manufacturing and licensing effort! Among the benefits of signing up for a $50 1-year Club CQ membership or a $25 6-month membership:

1. CLUB PACKAGE: Pick a favorite show or movie from our Club CQ Welcome Package list and, along with your one-year or six-month membership, you'll receive a free package of collectibles more than worth the price of membership. To see a full list of Club CQ Welcome Packages, click here. These packages are limited in quantity and will change regularly.


2. DISCOUNTS: While we'll keep offering preorder discounts to all our retail customers and newsletter subscribers, club members will receive an additional 10% off all preorders (amounts to 20% or more on most preorders!) as well as a standing 10% off all in-stock items.


3. EXCLUSIVES:  In cooperation with licensed manufacturers, we produce an average of six exclusive per year that will be offered first to members of Club CQ.


4. FIRST-IN-HAND STATUS: Club members will receive new collectibles first (at least a week before they ship to retailers across the country).


5. LOW NUMBERS: Club CQ members will get the lowest numbers of all numbered collectibles we produce.


6. SALES: Club members will have exclusive access to special monthly sales and/or coupons. These could include free shipping, a free product with a purchase, % off coupons and more.


7. CONTESTS & GIVEAWAYS: Monthly members-only contests will be held as well as occasional product giveaways that will include all club members.


8. SHOW DISCOUNTS: We set up at pop culture and comic-book shows across the country in the coming year. Stop by to see us at your favorite show and let us know you are a current Club CQ member and you'll get a special on-site discount as our way of showing our appreciation.


To sign up for a one-year Club CQ membership, simply pick your free Welcome Package from the list here and pay the annual membership fee.

Once you sign up, you will receive a notification that your membership has been activated and your discounts and other club privileges will begin. You will be entered automatically into our contests.

With membership, you won't need to enter codes or coupons to receive your standing club discounts, they will be displayed on shopping pages along with the regular retail prices on the product pages and added to your cart at the discounted prices.

Your Club CQ Welcome Package will be shipped to you the day your membership is approved.

Near the end of your membership term, you'll be invited to sign up again and offered the choice of another in a series of fabulous Welcome Packages, always worth well more than the cost of membership.

If you have any questions about Club CQ or, please feel free to email us at or call 603.321.5160. We'll be glad to answer any questions, resolve any issues or just chat about collecting!