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Halloween PALZ 4-Figure Set

The AFX Exclusive Halloween 4-pack features 4 PALz - Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Cordelia as they appeared in the Season 2 episode, "Halloween," in which the Scoobies (and most of Sunnydale) get turned into their costumes (sold by sorcerer Ethan Rayne.

The four figures all can be transformed:

Buffy can be transformed from her street clothes to her costume. To please Angel, Buffy dressed up as an 18th Century noblewoman? And, when she actually turns into one, she loses her Slayer powers and is hunted by Spike.

Willow can be transformed from her street clothes to her sexy costume. Willow decides that for Halloween, she wants to make herself look different ? and therefore dresses up in a sexy ?hoochy? outfit. In the end though, she chickens out and just throws a sheet over herself, and goes as a ghost? And when Ethan?s spell takes effect, Willow actually becomes a ghost.

Xander can be transformed from his street clothes to his soldier costume. Xander doesn?t have a lot of money, and therefore, he outfits himself in some army fatigues. And of course, he becomes a real soldier under the influence of the spell.

Cordelia can be transformed from her street clothes to her cat costume. Cordy did not buy her costume from the same shop as the others, and therefore, is not under Ethan?s spell. So, she never actually becomes a cat? But it?s a nifty cotume nonetheless, and makes for a nifty transformation.

And as if that were not enough, the 4-pack comes with an accessory. It is the head of the Janus Statue ? in mythology, Janus was a two-faced God ? that Ethan Rayne uses to cast the spell.

Condition: New
Price: $30.00