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Buffy/Angel Novel "Seven Crows"

One crow sorrow,

Two crows mirth,

Three crows a wedding,

Four crows a birth,

Five crows silver,

Six crows gold,

Seven crows a secret,

Which must never be told....

In a sleepy little town on the border between Arizona and Mexico, Agent Riley Finn and his operative wife, Sam, have tracked down an international smuggling ring involving vampires. Surprisingly the call for reinforcements is answered by Buffy Summers and the atoning vampire Angel.

Now tempers are flaring in the heat of the day -- and night -- as people are dying and locals are turning a blind eye to the deadly events. Bodies are turning up in the surrounding desert, some drained of blood, some having succumbed to another, fast-moving death. Riley Finn is noticing the arrival of more and more crows to this area, ominous portents of the events ahead. But even Mr. Secret Agent Man is distracted from his job when his wife goes undercover with Angel....
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