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Angel #2 Photo Cover

Writer: Christopher Golden
Penciller: Christian Zanier
Inker: Andy Owens
Letterer: Clem Robins
Colorist: Digital Broome

Angel is in deep trouble as he tries to solve a case involving a demonic fertility clinic. Just why are mothers being murdered and husbands turned into zombie-like guards? Before he can find out, Angel will have to find a way out of the hole he's in. And the only way out is into the harsh light of the sun. Cordy and Doyle had better hurry or this could be Angel's last case. Straight from the Buffy spin-off series, Angel keeps the excitement turned up to top volume!

Publication Date: Dec 22, 1999
Format: Full color, 32 pages (photo cover)
Condition: NM
Price: $9.99