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Buffy: Oz Graphic Novel

Oz is a long way from Sunnydale. He?s traveled to Tibet to seek the wisdom of a monk who might help him control the wolf inside of him. With the help of a beautiful demon girl and her family, Oz manages to find the monk, but he also manages to find trouble; BIG trouble. Oz and his new friends face off against a maniacal demon overlord and a horde of horrible hellhounds, hobgoblins, sorcerers, trolls, and a bunch of other things so gross they don?t even have names for ?em. Even the Slayer, on her worst day, hasn?t faced a force so frightful. This showdown could change Oz?s life forever. Buffy fans shouldn?t miss this action-packed turning point in the life of one of the Scooby Gang?s most beloved brethren.
Condition: NM
Price: $11.99