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Buffy #62 Photo Cover (Vol. 1)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #62 (Photo Cover)
A Stake to the Heart #3 (of 4)
Buffy Summers, the Chosen One, the Slayer, is dealing with a horror she is powerless to stop -- the divorce of her parents. Adolescence is tough enough without the added distress of parental separation, not to mention the responsibilities of the one who stands alone against the powers of darkness. Now, in a failed attempt to alleviate Buffy's anxiety, the vampire with a soul, known as Angel, has unwittingly unleashed the Malignancy Demons upon her and her family. They feed on the pain of the Summers' family and bring to life the negative emotions which grip them. Buffy has faced Deceit and Guilt she must now face Abandonment. Be there for part 3 of "A Stake to the Heart" from Fabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell, and Cliff Richards!
Condition: NM
Star: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Price: $6.00