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Witch Girls (Manga Grafix) No. 1

?In a world of magic, power comes in all shapes and sizes. So be nice or be a toad!?

The world of ?Witch Girls? is an expansive one. So expansive it takes two comics to cover it. The first comic, Witch girls follows the adventurers of Janette and Annabelle are two pre-teen cousins living with their eccentric and glamorous aunt in Salem. Janette is outgoing, smart, caring and has a small mischievous streak. Annabelle is haughty, hedonistic, and selfish and treats everyone like her servants. The only thing these two feuding cousins have in common is that like small percentage of girls born each year they were born with a gift, the gift of magic. Though a bit wicked in her own right Helena loves her two charges and will do anything to protect them. Not that they need it even at 12 both can performs all manner of magics with the ease of waving their hand. Magic that leads to all manners of darkly humorous situations at home or at the exclusive witch school ?Coventry school for girls?

Condition: Mint
Price: $2.95