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Buffy 12" Werewolf Oz Sideshow Exclusive

t was a seemingly harmless bite from cousin Geordy that began Daniel Osbourne's lycanthropic lifestyle. Oz, the charming guitar player for the band "Dingoes Ate My Baby" spends 3 days a month as a captive of the full moon, locking himself away in the Sunnydale High library book cage. Determined not to harm his fellow students, or more importantly his beloved Willow, Oz fights against his animal nature. Oz had to face down his most primal urges to spare Willow in the episode "Fear, Itself." While they fared better than most Sunnydale couples, Willow and Oz fell apart once they began studies at UC Sunnydale. It was there that Oz became drawn to a singer named Veruca. The seductive chanteuse revealed that she too was a werewolf and succeeded in tempting Oz not only to the dark side of his "condition," but into an affair. Willow discovered their tryst and was devastated by his betrayal. Disgusted by his actions and the pain he caused Willow, Oz left Sunnydale to gain more knowledge and control over his werewolf nature. He returned months later, only to find she had moved on to a new relationship with Tara. Oz and Willow's emotional final parting was a bittersweet moment for both characters, forever cementing their emotional bond, despite their failed romance. Oz drove away and though he never appeared again on Buffy or Angel, fans still rank him as one of the most beloved Buffy-verse characters ever.

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