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Bull Durham (Costner, Sarandon) card set

These are 4 "BASEBALL CARDS" from the Motion Picture~ BULL DURHAM from 1988 ORION PICTURES. These are promo cards advertising the movie. Cards were given out at the premiere. Cards measure 4x5 inches. You get all 4 CARDS. Cards have 2 color photos on front and answers to questions such as ON SEX, ON LIFE, ON WINNING, ON STRIKEOUTS etc. on back. CARDS include: KEVIN COSTNER as Crash Davis, (photos are large shot of Kevin in a suit and small shot of him in uniform), SUSAN SARANDON as Annie Savoy, (photos are large shot of her with black dress on and small shot of her standing holding a baseball bat wearing a white dress), TIM ROBBINS as Ebby "Nuks" Laloosh ( photos are large shot of him in baseball uniform and small shot of him pitching wearing only underwear), and JENNY ROBERTSON as Millie ( photos are large shot of her wearing a shirt and small shot of her in a white dress). Front of card has character name in white on top left hand corner and red border on top and blue border on bottom. Cards are MINT and come sealed in plastic bag.
Condition: VG
Star: Kevin Costner
Star: Susan Sarandon
Star: Tim Robbins
Price: $15.00