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SDCC 2017: DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman and Cheetah Boxed Exclusive

Modern Age Wonder Woman and Cheetah action doll set based on their appearance in the DC Super Hero Girls Style Guide, animated shorts, website and other multimedia featuring imprinted facial features and costume details.

Wonder Woman also features black and blue saran rooted hair, gold plastic tiara with red imprinted star, gold plastic collar, gold plastic belt with red imprinted stars, red leotard with red metallic imprinted stars, blue nylon skirt, silver plastic bracelets, and gold vinyl boots that enable Wonder Woman to stand on her own.  Accessories include gold cord lasso and gold plastic shield with red imprinted accents.

Cheetah also features brown and auburn saran rooted hair, gray leotard with black metallic imprinted cheetah spots pattern, full-color imprinted cheetah emblem, and pink and orange trim, gray, pink and orange jacket, gold bracelets and white boots with orange and black imprinted accents.  Accessories include clear plastic tablet with pink and black imprinted details.

Exclusive to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2017.

Condition: New
Price: $149.99