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Sideshow 12" Willow (Dopplegangland)

Sunnydale is witness to a new side of Willow Rosenberg in the episode "Dopplegangland." Willow and Anya, newly human and hating it, accidentally summon Vamp Willow from Cordelia's wish dimension, who promptly assembles her own vampire gang to take advantage of the plentiful feeding opportunities at The Bronze. After Willow stuns her vampire counterpart with a tranquilizer gun, usually reserved for her boyfriend Oz, Willow trades her pink fuzzy sweater ensemble for the fetish vampire gear, in a valiant attempt to impersonate her vampire alter-ego and save the hapless residents of Sunnydale!

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you Willow from the episode 'Dopplegangland,' the perfect companion for your 12" Vampire Willow figure. This figure features over 30 points of articulation, an authentic Alyson Hannigan likeness, and is costumed in white tights, tennis shoes, polka-dot skirt, and trademark pink fuzzy sweater. Willow comes with Amy the Rat, the tranquilizer gun, and a 12 inch Buffy figure display stand.

Condition: New
Star: Alyson Hannigan
Price: $59.99