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Buffy Season 7 Sealed Box Inkworks Trading Cards

This is a sealed box of Buffy Season 7 trading cards from Inkworks. The boxes contain 36 packs with 7 cards per pack. The odds of getting an autograph card are 1 per 33 packs, and the odds of geting a pieceworks card is 1 per 36 packs. We do not promise whether you will get these items, but these are the posted odds. Also, the boxes contain approximately 5 chase cards per box

There are several levels of randomly inserted bonus cards including: 

AUTOGRAPHS- Nathan Fillion, Clare Kramer, DB Woodside, Harris Yulin, Camden Toy, K.D. Aubert, Iyari Limon, Clara Bryant, Amanda Fuller, Felicia Day, Sarah Hagan, Lalaine, Indigo, Kristy Wu. (14 cards - Appx. odds 1:36 packs).

ä CARDS -  Andrew’s Toga ("Storyteller"), Kennedy’s Sweater ("Lies My Parents Told Me"), Kennedy’s T-shirt ("Lies My Parents Told Me"), Kennedy’s Pants ("Lies My Parents Told Me"), Cassie’s T-shirt ("Help"), Olaf’s Tunic ("Selfless"), Rachel’s Blouse ("Selfless"), Rachel’s Pants ("Selfless"). (8 cards - Appx. odds 1:36 packs). 

THE FINAL BATTLE - Foil puzzle featuring Buffy’s final battle. (9 cards - Appx. odds 1:11 packs). 

PARALLEL PUZZLE - THE FINAL BATTLE - Parallel gold foil puzzle featuring Buffy’s final battle.  (9 cards - Appx. odds 1:35 packs). 

SLAYER’S LEGACY - Foil embossed cards that feature the Slayer lineage. (6 cards - Appx. odds 1:17 packs). 

BOX LOADER CARDS - Box loader cards featuring Faith/Buffy, Angel/Buffy, and Buffy/Potentials (3 cards - one card per sealed display box). 

Condition: Mint
Star: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Out of Stock